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Some of our directors and volunteers have lived in Africa and have experienced the impact of poor health care conditions firsthand. They have chosen the following list of characteristics to serve as criteria in selecting target areas for Healthlink for Africa facilities:

  • High frequency of unnecessary, preventable deaths due to lack of diagnostic resources
  • A norm of health care avoidance except in crisis
  • Patients do not have primary care relationships with doctors
  • There is a discernible need for basic health and hygiene education in the area
  • No health insurance as we know it in the U.S. (a no cash, no service situation)
  • Minimal prevention, leading to spread of disease and increase in chronic conditions
  • Unreliable, dire health statistics, which generally underestimate the problems
  • Lack of reliable data impedes the redirection of resources to that region
  • Individuals carry and maintain their own health record, if any exists
  • Indications of rapidly increasing HIV infection rates
  • A persistent cycle of stigma and denial of HIV
  • Death certificates do not record AIDS as cause of death
  • A deterioration of health infrastructure in progress
  • Hospitals are overflowing with the sick and dying
  • No triage for health services (a first come, first served situation)
  • Increasing orphan rate due to death and disease
  • The fastest growing industry is the casket-making business
  • Providers are largely isolated from the international medical community
  • The need is so great that even small developments will yield huge benefits

For more details on exactly how HealthLink for Africa intends to address some of these needs, see Our Work.

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