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HealthLink for Africa International Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, nonprofit charitable organization, devoted to improving the health of people in Africa through the transference of diagnostic technology and skills, as well as public health education. HealthLink for Africa networks with health care providers in its operational areas and supplies them with tools and training for medical records and practice management.

The philosophy behind our mission is geared toward creating linkages, or inroads, between existing resources and African communities which face serious health challenges. In some of our target areas in Africa, the fastest growing industry is the funeral business. That is why our Back Home HIV Outreach Program is urgently proceeding independent of our diagnostic operations. Individuals and health organizations have the motivation to help in the effort to address health needs in Africa but often do not know who to approach about lending their support.    Our work positions us and our network of volunteers as facilitators for these entities looking for a way in.

HealthLink for Africa does not have any political or religious affiliations. Our humanitarian effort is designed to provide benefits in Africa without regard to nationality, tribal heritage, ethnicity, linguistic group, race, political or religious affiliation, or economic status.

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